Trump Kills Obamacare

“It’s Gone.” Those were the President’s words.

With the swipe of his pen, the President signed an executive order to stop Federal subsidies to health insurance companies.

The ramifications of this are just now beginning to become clear.  And now, President Trump has declared Obamacare does not exists anymore. His next executive order on healthcare could change everything…

Keeping in line with his promise to Americans, President Trump is not waiting around for the GOP to pass a vote. The President is now moving ahead with or without Congress to make healthcare insurance affordable, and more competitive.

Health insurers have seen massive profits since Obamacare began.

The Federal Government has transferred hundreds of millions of dollars to support the insurers.   They have feasted on the taxes of the working class and the retired.  It’s time to stop feeding Obamacare.

The President unlocked the healthcare system by allowing more competition. Americans will soon be able to buy insurance across state lines. California residents will be able to buy from insurers who sell in Texas, and vice versa.

Before Trumps executive order, there were great restraints on who could buy insurance in group health plans. Now, expect the healthcare business to become a level playing field.

Small business owners should see more competitive healthcare options in the near future. The timing of the President’s executive order creates the opportunity for new health insurance plans to come into the marketplace by next year.

This could be a real lifesaver for everyone concerned about their healthcare premiums.

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