Tesla Model X Only In America

Tesla Model X
Ludicrous Mode Capable

The Tesla Motor Car Company is one the great moments in American history.

First taking the company name from Nikola Tesla, a pioneering genius of electricity back in the early 1890s.  But now, in America, Elon Musk the founder of Tesla is reinventing not only the automobile business, but everything about the way we live our lives.

If you have ever had one of those moments when you forgot if you closed the garage door, Musk has thought that all the way through.


The latest model from Tesla called the “Model X” is so full of lifestyle thinking, it will even open your garage door as you come up the driveway.  Of course, it closes as you drive down the driveway, automatically.  This is just one of the thousands of ways life will be changed.  And one more thing, it’s all electric.

Life Changing

Another aspect of Musk’s thinking is that everything in the Tesla’s cars runs on software.  Software that can be downloaded from the internet.  This makes updates to performance operations, monitoring of systems, and future automation nobody has imagined, (except for Musk maybe) painless to update.

Musk is even changing the language of driving.  There is no more shift into high gear.  Now it’s called “Ludicrous Mode” and if you are sitting in the car when it goes off, expect to be rocketed forward with the gravitational forces pushing you into your seat.  That’s 0-60 in 3.2 seconds.


It’s almost as if the CEO’s of Ford, GM, Chrysler and even Mercedes and BMW should be embarrassed.  The technology employed by Tesla Motor Company will take the car companies years to catch up.  A recent sales report shows year over year increases in sales while Mercedes and BMW are falling.

What Musk has accomplished in the short amount of time, is truly remarkable.

You can learn more about Tesla Motor Car at www.Tesla.com

American Made Ideas

What gives cause to celebrate about the Tesla is that it happened in America.  The cars are being manufactured in California and shipped across the country.  The brain power also resides in America.  Musk has gathered the most intelligent entrepreneurial thinking people around him and moved forward at incredible speed.  Not the Chinese, not the Russians, not even the Japanese are moving this fast in the personal transportation category.

About Elon Musk founder of Tesla

“In 1992 Elon Musk arrived in the United States as a ferociously driven immigrant bent on realizing his wildest dreams. At a time when many American companies are more interested in chasing money than in taking bold risks on radical new technology, Musk stands out as the only businessman with enough dynamism and vision to tackle- – and even revolution – three industries at once.”  This an excerpt taken from Elon Musk the book written by Ashlee Vance and available at Amazon.com.

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