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There is great power in the word “Liberty” when you begin to understand where it comes from and it’s underlying meaning.

The word Liberty is derived from the Latin word Liber. “Liber” is the latin word for tree bark.

Back in ancient times people used tree bark to write on and during this period there were two classes of people. There were those who were “Liber”, and those who were slaves. The educated people were known as “Liber”.

The “Liber” could read, write and engage in contract. They had a higher level of education and depth of understanding. However, there was a big difference between being “Liber” and being literate.

Being literate was one level, but being Liber was 10 levels higher. Slaves during ancient times may have been able to write and understand, but they did not have the depth that the “Liber” had.

The “Liber” were truly the free ones because of their higher knowledge level.

 Freedom today is directly correlated to money. So why is it that nearly everyone in America is held captive by Banks, Wall Street and the Government through loans, fees and taxes?

The problem is with our education system. In the history of the world there are only three types of education. The first two of these were created to serve the needs of Government and corporations, and the latter exists to inspire new leaders and new thinking. Let’s take a look at each of these types of education.

The first is an education for employees, which would be a general education. With this you would have a basic literacy level and be trained in what to think. This is good, but not really what most consider the goal. This type of education might be considered as having a high school diploma in today’s world.

The second type of education is one in a given profession. Doctors, accountants, engineers and others make up this level. This type of education teaches when to think. This is good, but not complete.

Now there is a third type of education. This one is the type you do not hear about. It’s an education on leadership. This is a “Liber” education. Liber trains you how to think.

It’s an education that enlightens one to see what others don’t see. It enables those who have read the great writings of the founders of America, to see what is really happening today. It also empowers those who see with a belief system that causes action.

This way of thinking is invaluable because a nation of thinking owners and independents will be a strong nation. It’s also a nation that remains free, Politically, Financially, and Spiritually. Think about that when you consider what you learned about the countries who the government owes money to.

The importance of “Liber” today is that it holds the key to Freedom.

The founders of our country were “Liber”. They understood that knowledge came from understanding the great leaders of the world. They were information seekers, entrepreneurs and voracious readers. Being “Liber” trained them how to think, not what to think.

America’s founders became great leaders through this way of thinking who inspired and manifested a great nation. This is something you just can’t find much of today at the highest levels of Government.

Thomas Jefferson believed in a society of ownership and commerce. He believed in a system of landowners, small farmers and independent owners. He believed in a system of independents, not dependents. He was “Liber” and demonstrated great leadership by forming the greatest free nation in the world.

At the turn of the last century in the early 1900’s, 90% of Americans were mostly owners and independents who ran their own businesses.

As corporations created assembly lines, the people were drawn away from independence, and became dependent on others to create jobs. America moved away from a nation of independent “Liber” thinking leaders, to a nation of dependence.

Today 90% of Americans are dependent and 10%, independent. This level of dependence is so deep that banks and Wall Street have created a virtual master/slave relationship for millions of Americans.

The point of this is that if you are a nation of dependents, you cannot be free.

It’s ironic that two of the most tectonic changes about money were occurring during this time. Income taxes and The Federal Reserve both in 1913. This certainly cannot be coincidence.

For the first time in the history of the country the Federal Government would organize a tax on the income of Americans and at the same time, a non Government (by the people) controlled organization would be set up to control the human spirit of Americans through money.

When you are a people of Financial Dependence you also,
cannot be free from your own Government.

In today’s world, an employee education is good, a professional education is better, but a “Liber” education is rare. A “Liber” education makes us free, as Freedom is a function of what you know.

Remember that building you used to go to when you were in grade school when you wanted to get something new to read? What was it called?

A Libr-ary.

That’s right. Now you have the social proof of where Freedom comes from.

A library contains books of knowledge. It’s all there. Everything you need to set yourself free is in books. They should really call libraries Freedom Buildings. It’s unfortunate that many of these buildings are being shut down due to government mismanagement of tax dollars.

This website is only the beginning. There are thousands of books ahead to continue the journey.

The answers to America’s problems lie in reading the great leaders of the world. Not just leaders of nations, but also leaders of financial thinking.

Not surprisingly, government and corporations suppress much of this thinking, as they would never want Americans to become aware of what is really going on.

This website has focused on money and Freedom.

Think about all of the misinformation and propaganda circulated by those who control our food in this country. There is a reason why America ranks 33 out of the 40 healthiest countries in the world.

Our country needs leadership in the most desperate way. We need leaders who stand up for what is right. We need leaders who are not afraid to illuminate truth, especially about money.

Please share this website with others and help them to become “Liber”.

(1)Origin of Liber inspired by Oliver DeMille


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