Obamatatrophy – Circling The Rim Of The Bowl

Obamacare PPACAObamacare is a Obamatatrophy!

There is an old adage that goes “rising tide lifts all boats” the Patient Protection and Affordable Care act is the inverse of this adage.

Let’s lower everyone to the same level rather than bring everyone up.

They are doing this by taking more from everyone.

It can be seen in the premium increases, out of pocket cost increases (nee high deductibles and co-insurance) and the losses incurred by the insurance companies who were promised a windfall.

Rather than circling the bowl as the headline shouts we are all circling the drain. The question remains who will figure out how to repair the damage to the healthcare system, the economy and moreover who will pay for the repairs.

Government Will Control Hospitals Next

The insurance companies add 20% to the cost of healthcare.

They will be the next casualty as the people and facilities who provide healthcare services say “You can’t cut our pay. Get rid of the insurance companies”.

It is time to stop talking about safe spaces, how many refugees to accept or how many more services we can provide to undocumented visitors….maybe the 400 million of unmarked foreign currency that delivered to Iran could have been used to fight the Zika virus or possibly to subsidize the looney toons world of Obamacare for another year?

The government is touting Obamacare’s success while I suppose that if you control the goals that are used to determine success than you could call almost anything a success.

Leave it to the people who have 24/7 armed secret service protect to bans guns. Have those same people who have never nor will never pay for healthcare decide how much you should pay and what should be covered.

I, for one will be looking forward to the day when the Government starts making decisions that benefit a majority of Patriotic U.S. citizens regardless of their race, creed, color social status, or income.

Innocent until proven guilty, rant off.

Submitted by David Peterson.

David is President of San Diego Associates, Inc./The Benefit Advocates.  Connect with David through LinkedIn.

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