North Korea Prepares Next ICBM

This past week North Korea has quietly been getting ready for another launch.  In the middle of night they have been moving resources to prepare. Will they have a nuclear device inside the next launch?

Nobody knows for sure.

Just last week Kim Jon-Un set off an H-Bomb during an underground test. It was so strong that it was felt in China. Even the Chinese are concerned and have issued an emergency radiation alert.

Nato’s general secretary, Jens Stoltenberg, has said North Korea’s nuclear program “is a global threat and requires a global response”.


People along the Korean Peninsula are on high alert.

Just last week, South Korea, Japan, and Guam have been practicing their duck and cover missile drills.

Everyone wants a political non-military solution, but that does not seem likely.

Kim Jon-Un is dead set on holding the world hostage to his demands. Once he has nuclear tipped missiles ready to launch, it will be too late.

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