Jonathan Gruber’s Stupidity Strategy

Stupidity or Deception?

Obamacare was passed using the “stupidity of Americans.”  That’s essentially what Jonathan Gruber, the architect of Obamacare has said in a recent conference where he was the speaker.

We would like to say to Mr. Gruber… “There is a difference between stupidity and deception.”  Unfortunately, deception is a well known strategy of the government.  Tell the people one thing, make them pay for it through higher taxes and then do something else.

 $400,000 For Our Stupidity…Really Mr. President?

And now, we find out the government’s lead planner for Obamacare, who according to the Washington Post was paid $400,000, used what he calls American “stupidity” as part of the strategy.  Americans should internalize this message.   It should be taken for  much more than just Obamacare.  Certainly the “stupidity” strategy is used widely by Congress to pass other government programs.  The American people should take this experience to heart.  If there was ever any question about how our tax dollars get used, the answer is painfully clear.

The Costs

In Obamacare there are 18 new taxes and penalties that will suck almost a trillion dollars out of the economy over the next 10 years.  Small business owners have been devastated by out of control health care premiums.  And even younger Americans are finding their premiums rising out of control.

Government Medicine

As time marches on, the money that goes to government for Obamacare will put a headwind on economic growth.  Corporate America and small business will feel the headwinds the most.  But what is worse?  Those in the medical profession are rethinking their careers.  Demand for medical services will go up, however, with the money controlled by the government, Americans used to getting choice in medical services, will have to be happy with government medicine.  The way medicine in the Veterans Administration has been managed is certainly a window on the future.

Where Is The Integrity?

“You can keep your plan.”  “You can keep your doctor”.  “It’s good for America.”  These are the promises made by Obama.  Mr. President, American taxpayers have lost all respect for you and “your” people.  You have lost your integrity.  Mr. President you have lost your way.

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