Congress Spins Harvey On Debt Ceiling

We are sure some lawmaker in Washington is thinking… Perfect Timing.

It’s the perfect excuse.

We shortly expect to hear Congressional lawmakers use hurricane Harvey as an excuse to raise the debt ceiling.

Photo credit AP
Photo Credit AP

Is it right?

If you are in Texas, the people of America certainly need to lend a helping hand.

That’s who we are.  No doubt about it.  You deserve to get the financial help you need.

In fact, the volunteers probably have a hand on this better than FEMA, or other Government agencies.

Let the volunteers decide how the FEMA money gets spent.

But America Has Much Bigger Problem

“We The People” have been made financially dependent by our Congressional leaders.  We are dependent on the rest of the world to finance our debt.

That creates a financially weak nation.

A nation that is financially weak, is a vulnerable nation.

We are not Greece.  But we are surely headed in that direction very quickly.

The debt of the United States has increased over 100% from 7 trillion dollars to nearly 20 trillion since President Obama took office.

The long term political ramifications of this debt dilute the very backbone of our country.

Our children will pay with the highest tax rates in the history of the country, unless Congress gets a spine.

That’s how it will come.

The more debt America has, the weaker we become.

The recent drop in the U.S. Dollar against other currencies is indicative of what is just the very tip of the debt crisis.

Congress must pass a spending bill by September 30th to avoid a Government shutdown. There are not enough revenues to pay all of the Government’s bills. That means, the debt ceiling is going up.

That also means, “We the People” take another step backward making America financially dependent. Dependent on China, Russian and even Iran. They all buy our U.S. Treasury securities.

But hurricane Harvey, may give lawmakers an excuse to raise the debt ceiling. They will kick the can down the road another two years.

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