How To Legally Eliminate Taxes - Forever

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How Billionaires Pay Zero Tax...You Can Too!

A wealthy Silicon Valley executive was looking to protect his money from the risks of financial markets and future Government income taxes.

He funded a specially designed financial account and put 10 million dollars a year in it for the next 10 years. At the end of 10 years, he had accumulated over 100 million dollars inside the account.

Once his money was inside the account, he would never pay income taxes on it again. During this time he could access his money without taxes and Government reporting if needed.

Through the growth and compounding of his account, the executive would enjoy 14 million dollars a year to supplement his retirement income.

All of it WITHOUT taxes.

None of the cash flow from this specially designed account shows up on his tax return. 

Unlike IRAs and 401ks, there is no annual IRS reporting requirement. The account literally makes his money TAXINVISIBLE.

But that's not all...

If THIS was all the money the executive had...

1. He would have NO income to report to the IRS
2. He would NOT have to file a tax return
3. He quite possibly could qualify for Government

Will The IRS Become The Beneficiary Of My 401k?

If you own assets like real estate, 401k, IRA, pension, or even just a savings account at a bank, you are being targeted for revenue by the Federal Government. Hundreds of IRS tax actuaries are working to determine how much more tax revenue can be extracted from these accounts.

Will Congress Tax The Roth IRA?

Social Security was once promised to Americans as a tax-free retirement benefit. The Government lied. Today up to 85 percent can be subject to taxes. 

Do you really want to trust Congress, to keep their word they will never tax the Roth IRA? 

Should I Withdraw or Accelerate My IRA Distributions?

The question is really about the future of taxes. Do you think taxes will be higher or lower in the future? How much tax diversification do you have right now. How much of your financial savings is in Government controlled retirement accounts where the rules can be changed at any time?

How High Will The New Tax Rates Go?

What's coming will be shocking to say the least. If some members of Congress get their way, the new tax program will destroy the typical retirement plan. Retirement savers could end up with substantially less income after taxes. It's the most serious threat to personal freedom Americans alive today will face. 
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