Government Shutdown In Sight

The debt crisis could force a Government shut down during the Holiday Season.

In September the President along with Democrats and and a few Republicans agreed to a short-term increase in the debt ceiling to accommodate an extra 15 billion dollar hurricane relief bill.  Without that, a Government shutdown would have occurred.

The extension and increase on the debt ceiling was only until December 8th, 2017.

There are several forces that could cause a real shutdown this time.

The Mueller investigation continues to unwind and nobody knows for sure where it is going to end. The Tax Reform bill may hold substantial increases in deficit spending, and massive increases in Government debt. The Freedom Caucus does not want to see any increases in the debt ceiling.

Because of this, and because of the December debt ceiling date, things could get very volatile.

History has shown the financial markets don’t like this kind of uncertainty.

Will the GOP raise the debt ceiling, continue spending, and leave the mortgage to our children and grandchildren?

Time will tell.

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