Congressional Plan Risks New Air Terrorism

Everyone remembers 9/11.

Even the Pentagon, and Washington was a target for terrorists who took over jumbo jets.  Thousands of innocent people were killed.

Nobody in Government had any clue that this would actually happen.  If they did, nothing was done to stop it.

Now, Washington Bureaucrats are considering a plan, that could conceivably increase the risk of terrorism for air travelers.

And the next time, it could result in an event even worse than 9/11.

Certain members of Congress want to privatize the air traffic control system.

They want to allow an independent outside corporation to take over how airplanes are directed to fly all over the country.

Here’s where this gets really scary…

We know that terrorists were able to infiltrate our free and open system of flight training. They learned how to fly jumbo jets across the country and then use them as missiles loaded with innocent people to crash into buildings.

Now, imagine an outside independent corporation being entrusted with the safety of tens of thousands of flights every day. This company would hire air traffic controllers and train them how to direct planes.

The chances are greater than zero that one of the controllers they hire could be a terrorist.

Now, you have terrorists who have infiltrated the air traffic control system.

If there is one, there are going to be more.

It doesn’t take a lot of thought to imagine what may come next.

The terrorists wouldn’t need to be on the planes, they could just direct the planes to fly into each other.

If you don’t think that could happen, just think about 9/11. Nobody thought that could happen either.

America’s air traffic control system is the safest and most secure system in the world.

It is a system that has worked for decades. Corporate interests want to manipulate the system, created out of Freedom for the people, to benefit corporate profits.

Interestingly, the corporate influence behind this is the airlines. It’s all about profits.

Do Americans really want to fly in jumbo jets, where the air traffic control of those jets is done by the lowest bidder?

Just recently, the financial records of over 100 million people were stolen from a private corporation entrusted with protecting those.

Do we as Americans, want to give up the air traffic control system to a private outside corporation?

Do we want that airplane to be directed around the country by a system that is contracted out to the lowest bidder?

It’s the system created out of Freedom, to protect the Freedom we have in this country. The corporate cartel once again is trying to steal that.

Americans need to take action now. We cannot allow the Government to privatize the air traffic control system.

Delta Air Lines, which has repeatedly stated its opposition to privatization, conducted a study in 2015 that says privatization will increase user fees by 20 percent to 29 percent.

Flying in an airplane already makes some people nervous.

Should the air traffic control system be taken over by a private corporation?

Share your thoughts below.

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