Trump: Showdown or Shutdown

Trump Showdown At The Border

“I’m building the wall even if we have to close down our government”

Will the President get his wall, or will Congress shutdown the Government. What ever happens between now and when Congress votes on the spending bill it’s going to be a real showdown.

Those are essentially the words President Trump has said to Congress. The President is going to get his wall one way or another. It’s time Congress moved forward.


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Congressional leaders have been slow to get anything done. For eight years Republicans have had the chance to develop their own health care program while Obamacare destroyed the system.

Now, with just a few days to get it together, Congress must present the President with a funding bill for the wall, or the spending bill will not get signed.

The ramifications of shutting down the Government are immense.  Financial markets could tumble, interest rates could rise, and social security checks could be stopped.

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