Politics Of Taxes – Stealing Freedom

In 1913 America’s Congressionally appointed leaders passed the 16th amendment to the Constitution.  It empowered United States Government to begin collecting income taxes.

It was at that point the Government began to take away the Freedom and Empowerment Americans enjoyed with money.

It also began an powerful process where the Government was empowered to invade American’s lives through money.

Remember the word “Life” from the Declaration of Independence?  It’s interesting that during that same year the income tax began, The Federal Reserve was created.  The year 1913 is a monument in time that marks the shift in controlling the people and their lives through the manipulation of money.

The ability to create money from thin air through the Federal Reserve, and to create money for Government needs via the income tax, were two of the greatest efforts to dilute the Freedom the founders of America stood for.

Today, the laws that determine where tax dollars get spent today are written by lobbyists, not Congressman.

The tax system serves the needs of Corporate America, not the people of America.  The more complicated it becomes, the more taxes that can be collected.  Without a doubt, it serves the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness for Corporate America.  You could say they are “Stealing Freedom”

Income Taxes 16th amendment

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