FEMA Director – Show Me The Money

On the eve of what is to be the greatest hurricane season in recorded American history, William Brock, the brand new acting head of FEMA needs help.

It’s probably not what he was expecting. He only started his job in June 2017.

But he needs Congress to get him some serious money.


The hurricane damage in Houston has put a big dent in the coffers of the FEMA budget.

According to CNN, FEMA is now left with only 1.1 billion dollars to help Houston back on their feet. By the end of the month most of that will be appropriated, and gone.

Now with hurricane IRMA about to slam Florida and the East Coast, Congress is going to need to reconsider an emergency bill.

But where will the money come from?

What will Congress cut, in order to find the money?

Will Congress cut some pork barrel spending and give it FEMA?

Not a chance.

They are going to raise the debt ceiling, put America deeper in debt and leave it to our children.

The tough decisions need to start happening in Washington.

If the GOP is to remain in control, they need to start acting on behalf of the people.

For the victims of the hurricane?

We are Americans.

This is where we shine.

There is no other country in the world that takes care of its people like Americans.

Yes, of course we will raise the debt ceiling to help each other out.

But when it’s time to be honest and truthful, lets not put our children in financial bondage to the Chinese, and the rest of the world.

The debt of America is the greatest threat to our financial security.



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